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Georgia has Failed Black Mothers

Georgia is the worst place to give birth in the United States. The maternal mortality rate for black women in Atlanta is 66 in 100,000. That rate is identical to Syria or Peru. This is unacceptable. Georgia has failed new mothers.

Lacking Facilities

Maternal mortality describes any case where a new mother dies either during pregnancy, childbirth, or six weeks after delivery. Maternal death is almost always preventable with proper monitoring and access to healthcare, but that’s a big problem in the state of Georgia.

Half of Georgia’s 159 counties have no OBYGN office. Some Georgia counties have no medical offices whatsoever. Because of this, some expecting mothers go their entire pregnancy without a single check-up. That also means that millions of Georgia’s women are not getting their yearly women’s exams. Combined, these factors significantly increase the risk of unidentified complications and maternal mortality.

A Frightening Trend

In 1990, the national maternal mortality rate was around 17 in 100,000. Today, the national rate has soared to an incredible 25 in 100,000.

This issue impacts black women more than any other demographic. The current national maternal mortality rate for black women hovers around 47 in 100,000. In Atlanta, it’s 66 in 100,000. This represents a failure to address the health concerns and medical needs of these women.

Racial and ethnic differences make a significant impact when it comes to treating black women. When doctors fail to recognize these differences, when they use the same treatment method for every patient, they put these women at risk of succumbing to Georgia’s terrifying maternal mortality rate.

There is no excuse. We have to do better.

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