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Medical Malpractice Settlements in Atlanta, GA

The Mabrey Firm, P.C. aggressively investigates and pursues cases involving medical professionals who make mistakes that cause injury or death to a patient. This is called medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice is defined in Georgia as:

“A person professing to practice surgery or the administering of medicine for compensation must bring to the exercise of his profession a reasonable degree of care and skill. Any injury resulting from a want of such care and skill shall be a tort for which a recovery may be had.”

O.C.G.A. section 51-1-27

This means a malpractice case can be as simple as a wound being improperly bandaged that leads to an infection or as catastrophic as a wrong limb amputation. However, malpractice cases do not have to be catastrophic to be claimed. They must only show that you were injured by a lack of care received by a medical practitioner.

Medical malpractice can result in the following for an injured patient:

  • Significant medical expenses
  • Economic losses
  • A lifetime of pain and suffering
  • Death

We've fought aggressively to obtain millions in verdicts and settlements for people injured by things such as this.

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Georgia Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice

It's important to act fast to recover the compensation you deserve. In the state of Georgia, your medical malpractice claim must be filed within two years from the initial date of the incident. Historically, claims that are made closer to the incident date have a higher chance of succeeding in a court of law. Regardless of your injury or your medical malpractice situation, time is of the essence.

Complex Medical Cases Require Experienced Lawyers

Our medical malpractice attorneys have extensive experience pursuing cases against medical practice groups, individual doctors, hospitals, health maintenance organizations, and nursing homes.

We have successfully handled cases including:

  • Birth injuries
  • Misdiagnosis of a life-threatening conditionStethoscope & judge's gavel
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical mishaps
  • Misreading of x-rays and lab results related to treatment.

Our cases have involved not only deaths, but also debilitating injuries such as:

Our Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyers Are Ready to Fight for You

In order to successfully prove your case, medical malpractice claims must be verified by a medical expert. The job of these experts is to prove that your medical practitioner was negligent in how he or she handled your medical situation. The medical expert that speaks in court on your behalf is vital to your claim's success. This is why you should turn to The Mabrey Firm for your medical malpractice claim. Our decades of experience in the medical legal field enables us to retain the most qualified medical expert for your situation. We partner with trusted medical experts across the country to ensure that your claim has the strongest possible chance of succeeding in court.

Attorney John Mabrey is board certified by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, a distinction that places him in a select few among medical malpractice attorneys throughout the entire state of Georgia. Attorney Carla Mabrey previously represented physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies before dedicating her practice to the representation of victims of medical negligence.

More than 30 years of experience has armed us with extensive knowledge of medical issues and solid understanding of the laws that govern these cases. This, in turn, has empowered us to consistently obtain significant results for our clients.

If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a medical provider’s negligence, contact us today for your free case evaluation. Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys are ready to assist you.

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