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Can I Film My Child’s Birth?

New parents filming their child’s birth is a tradition as old as the camcorder, made easier now by nearly everyone having a high-quality camera in their pocket. While many parents want to film their child coming into the world, some hospitals don’t allow it. What’s the reason? Here’s what you need to know if you want to film your child’s birth.

Potential Liability

Video footage of any medical procedure creates liability for the hospital and its staff. If anything goes wrong, the video could become evidence demonstrating medical malpractice. For that reason, most medical centers don’t allow filming of procedures or examinations.

Hospitals aren’t necessarily trying to hide anything. They don’t prevent parents and guests from watching with their own eyes. However, they know that any medical procedure can seem rough or dangerous to a layperson. Inversely, a baby might have a smooth delivery on video, but still suffer a birth injury from medical malpractice or other factors.

You may also need the consent of everyone in the delivery room before recording your baby’s birth. If a doctor or nurse does not consent, it could leave parents without a way to capture their special moment, even if the hospital does not have a specific policy against it.

Making Arrangements

Every hospital is different. Some forbid filming in the maternity ward. Others allow recording of natural birth, but not C-section or other assisted procedures. If you’re determined to film your child’s birth, you have options.

Start by calling the local hospitals in your area. Ask about their policy for filming childbirth. Choosing the right hospital for your baby is a big decision and one that you should research thoroughly before the big day. As important as it is to capture that special moment, you also need to pick the hospital who will be most capable of caring for your family.

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