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Seizure care infographic

(Infographic) What to Do If Your Child Has a Seizure

Seizures and epilepsy are common symptoms of brain-related birth injuries like cerebral palsy or HIE. When new parents witness their child having a seizure for the first time, they tend to panic and aren’t sure what to do. That’s why we put together this graphic explaining what to do if your child has a seizure.

Infographic: What To Do If Your Child Has a Seizure

Keep Calm: When your child has a seizure, it’s important that you maintain a clear head. If the symptoms worsen, you need to be prepared to make phone calls and take instructions from a 911 operator.

Clear a Space: Ideally, you should lie your child flat on their back in a clear space. Clear a space equivalent to the size of the baby’s crib.

Lay Down: Once you have a clear space, lay your child flat if you are able. In either case, you want to prevent your child from hurting themselves. Do not hold them down as that can cause serious injury.

Unfasten Clothes: Make your baby comfortable by removing constricting clothes such as button-up shirts or shoes. This will make the baby more comfortable and prevent movement restrictions that could harm them.

Prevent Choking: Never put objects in a child’s mouth during a seizure. It is impossible to “swallow your tongue” and these objects are very likely to cause choking.

Contact Your Pediatrician: Wait until the seizure is over, recording how long it lasts. When it ends and your baby recovers, call your pediatrician to report the seizure and schedule an appointment. If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, call 911.

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